Why you should visit the Ionian Islands

Why you should visit the Ionian Islands

Why you should visit the Ionian Islands

Have you ever wished to visit Greece’s stunning islands but wondered where to start? Check out here why you should visit the Ionian islands, the most beautiful in all of Greece.

Traditionally called the Heptanese, or in English “the Seven Islands,” the Ionian Islands are part of the western part of Greece. From North to South, the main seven islands are Kerkyra, Paxi, Lefkada, Ithaki, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, and Kythira.

A little bit about the Ionian Islands

The Ionian islands are rich in history. Most of the islands were part of the Kingdom of Macedonia, and in fact, Ithaca, in particular, was the island home of Odysseus. During the time of the Roman and the Byzantine empire, the Ionian islands became part of each regime, respectively.

When the Ottomans conquered Constantinople in 1453, along with most of Byzantine Greece, the Ionian Islands were an exception. They became the only part of the Greek-speaking world that remained Ottoman-free and were part of the Republic of Venice.

Over the years, the islands were conquered by many different empires. Until 1864, when Britain gave the islands as a present for the enthronement of George, I of Greece and the Ionian Islands were now Greek.

Let’s check out the top 3 reasons why you should visit the Ionian islands:

Shipwreck Bay

Shipwreck Bay has been one of the top tourist destinations for Greeks and Europeans. Shipwreck bay’s name comes from the washed-up wreck lying on its shores. The waters are so clean that you can see through many meters to the bottom. For a more relaxing experience, visit the beach at sunrise, when it’s not too crowded. If you are looking for an adventurous experience, the bay is an excellent spot for base jumpers and wingsuits.

Myrtos Beach

Myrtos beach is another famous beach that should be on the top of your list. Located in the northwest part of Kefalonia, it features countless white pebbles and one terrific view. Myrtos has been voted numerous times as the best Greek beach, and you will even find it at the top of many “Top Beaches in the World” lists. On Myrtos beach, during the summer, you will find a canteen, an umbrella, or a lounger to rent if you want. But keep in mind that the beach is not the most swimmer-friendly place due to the size and shape of the bay. 

Nydri Waterfalls

Nydri waterfalls, named after the town of Lefkada, Νydri, is a beautiful natural reserve. A short hike will take you to the scenery that, if seen out of context, you wouldn’t believe that it belongs to the Greek landscape, let alone Lefkada. The thick foliage and the wildflowers compose an almost tropical atmosphere. The impressive landscape spans over 12 meters, and the waters fall from the top to a cool pool.

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