Why you should stay at Agnantio Hotel Spa

Why you should stay at Agnantio Hotel Spa

Why you should stay at Agnantio Hotel Spa

Are you planning a long road trip to Greece and looking for a hotel to relax and rest in before embarking on a journey of a lifetime? Well, look no further than Agnantio Hotel – Spa! We offer everything you might be looking for and even more!

Agnantio Hotel is an ideal location for those planning a road trip to Greece from Bulgaria and Romania. Situated in Sidirokastro and only minutes away from Promachonas, the hotel is right next to Bulgaria’s borders, specifically close to Kulata village. Therefore, Agnatnio is undoubtedly perfect for a rest after a long drive from Bulgaria to Greece.

Along with its perfect location, the hotel offers relaxing and fantastic accommodations in cozy and spacious rooms. Each room is designed to provide a comfortable stay in a simple yet pleasant and elegant ambiance.

Furthermore, the hotel’s philosophy focuses on the spirit of hospitality by providing high-quality services. For instance, Agnantio promotes health and well-being for mind, body, and soul through its Wellness Spa.

Specifically, the spa is a private space of high standards for moments of rejuvenation, toning, and wellness. Its services include a jacuzzi hot tub of 40° C with chromotherapy, a Finnish sauna of 90° C, and a jacuzzi cold water therapy of 20° C.

Additionally, to complete the full package of a relaxing stay, the hotel has a fantastic restaurant that offers flavors of local products. To be more precise, you can taste delicious Greek and other Mediterranean dishes such as pasta, gyros pork, souvlaki, sausages, pizzas, and more.

Also, you can dine by the pool, at the bar, or even in your hotel room to feel more comfortable and at home.

So, for a warm, welcoming atmosphere and a relaxing stay along a road trip from and to Greece, Agnantio Hotel – Spa is surely the best option.