Why Greece is the best summer destination

Why Greece is the best summer destination

Why Greece is the best summer destination

Summer in Greece is a dream for many. It is a destination that offers fantastic vacations for all ages and preferences.

If you are a young adventurous person eager to do extreme sports, hiking or rock climbing, you’ll find gorgeous places for them all over Greece. If you are more interested in nightlife, there are plenty of fantastic clubs, bars, and events to enjoy Greece’s explosive nightlife. And if you prefer to just lounge on a sunbed on a stunning beach all day long, there are lots of fantastic beaches across Greece.

One of the best ways to travel across Greece is by road-tripping from one spot to another. It allows travelers to experience everything this beautiful country has to offer.

For instance, while enjoying a ride in the car, you can marvel at brilliant blue skies, glistening, crystal-clear blue seas, golden sandy beaches, folk villages, and amazing historical landmarks.

But if you want to be convinced even more, here are the top reasons why you should visit Greece:


Greece’s weather is perfect for a hot summer vacation. Temperatures are between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius. However, during a heat wave, temperatures often can hit 40 degrees Celsius. Still, the overall temperatures of Greece in summer are perfect for sunbathing at the beach, exploring the country’s many beautiful cities, and even going on long hikes and walks.


Greece’s pristine azure waters of the Aegean Sea and the stunning sandy beaches are undoubtedly the top reason millions of travelers visit this beautiful country every year. Greece is the second country with the most blue flag-awarded beaches, meaning it has plenty of safe spots for swimming.


Greece has an astounding number of 4,000 islands, though only 202 are inhabited. All the inhabited islands are gorgeous, with unique characters, folklore, and exquisite nature to explore. So, Greece is the perfect destination if you want to experience carefree island life. You can easily visit the islands through the many cruises Greece provides to the inhabited and uninhabited islands. 


Greece is one of the oldest countries in the world with an incredible history that you can experience through various landmarks and museums. In fact, Greece is known as the founder of modern western civilization, thus travelers can learn more about the origins of philosophy and democracy. Furthermore, Greece is home to the famous Acropolis and many more ancient temples, theaters, and ancient cities you can visit and explore.


Greece may mostly be known for its islands, beautiful beaches, and ancient history, but there is a lot more you can explore. Greece has stunning mountains and countryside that is adorned with beautiful folk villages. By exploring Greece’s villages, you will get to see beautiful folk architecture, taste authentic Greek cuisine at local taverns, experience the people’s fantastic hospitality, and explore breathtaking nature.

So, in conclusion, to explore everything Greece has, from beaches to mountains, islands to folk villages, the best method is to take a road trip. Specifically, if you are planning a road trip across Greece, or a trip from the Balkans towards Greece, then our hotel is the best destination for a rest stop.

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