What to pack for a road trip in Greece

What to pack for a road trip in Greece

What to pack for a road trip in Greece

Are you planning a road trip across Greece? Check out here a list of the essentials you will need to prepare before starting your trip.

Road tripping is a fun and adventurous way to travel from city to city or even country. Also, it is an excellent way to see the country’s hidden gems that you wouldn’t get to see or know of if you fly. Of course, it comes with challenges and inconveniences, but taking a road trip is an experience you’ll never forget.

Considering Greece is a gem by itself, you can imagine how many incredible places you can discover while on the road. From tiny traditional villages to majestic monasteries and breathtaking nature.

To help you get out there, here is our list of the 8 most important things to pack for your road in Greece.

Packing Cubes

While on the road, you’ll want to keep your clothing organized and accessible. By using packing cubes, your trip will be infinitely easier. You can purchase a set that comes in various colors and even includes cases for your laundry and shoes.


It’s a great idea to keep a cooler within an arm’s reach from the driver’s seat. Often your food options are limited mainly to fast food, and also, there are times you might need to drive for hours without any pause. So, with a supply of your own snacks, you’ll have easy access to cheaper and healthier options. A cooler is perfect for keeping your snacks and drinks cool during the ride.

Dry Travel Towel

A dry travel towel is another convenient road trip item you’ll be glad to bring. Much better than bringing along a bulky bath towel that takes forever to dry. This microfiber option is lightweight, compact, and dries incredibly fast.

Cooling Towel

Greece is known for its high temperatures in the summer. Whether you’re visiting new cities on foot, exploring trails at national parks, or going on adventurous hikes, you’ll need help staying cool while being active on the road. These chemical-free, non-toxic cooling towels can cool down to 20-30 degrees below the outside temperature and stay refreshingly cold for 60 minutes.

First Aid Kit

Ensure you keep a supply of any and all first aid items you could potentially need while on the road. It will be perfect for any aches and pains you may encounter during your trip.

Emergency Car Kit

You should never take any long drive without a car emergency kit. You never know what can happen on the road, and things like jumper cables and an emergency hammer can really save you some trouble or even save your life if it comes down to it!

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is perfect for a multi-day road trip. Especially if you’re camping or don’t feel like stopping for the night, you’ll definitely benefit from using dry shampoo as a quick way to freshen up so you’ll look and feel cleaner while on the road.

Travel Neck Pillow

Pack a travel neck pillow for the ride if you’re not driving. Spending hours in the car can be uncomfortable, and a neck pillow will keep you feeling relaxed and supported while you doze off in the passenger seat.