The Best Greek Island You’ve Never Heard Of

The Best Greek Island You’ve Never Heard Of

The Best Greek Island You’ve Never Heard Of

Looking for holidays at one of Greece’s beautiful islands but wishing for an alternative choice rather than the usual famous islands?

Find out about Symi, the best Greek island you probably never heard of.

Have you ever dreamed of having a holiday in one of Greece’s stunning islands, yet you feel hesitant due to the massive amount of tourists? Then you would be happy to know there are many more alternative choices than you can ever imagine.

Greece has hundreds of islands, and many of them that you probably never heard of every summer is waiting for you.

Even if you want to avoid big crowds, you would still like to visit stunning islands with stunning landscapes and beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters.

Furthermore, you might want to taste delicious authentic gastronomy, lounge at cosy bars, or dance at crazy club parties. So, perhaps you might wonder, will I be able to find everything I need on a small island I have never heard of? The answer is a big yes!

The best Greek island you might have never heard of is Symi. It is an island part of the Dodecanese Islands, and it is perfect for relaxing summer holidays. Furthermore, Sumi will definitely offer everything a Greek island should. From cultural activities to religious to recreational.

Each year between July and September, the island has fantastic festivals with fun parades, gastronomical events, open-air music, dancing, religious ceremonies, sports events, and more.

With the island’s colourful Neoclassical houses, azure waters, and high while cliffs, you won’t regret your choice.

Nevertheless, Greece is a fantastic destination with countless beautiful places to visit. For a complete tour of Greece our Agnantio Hotel Spa is the perfect stop both when arriving in Greece and returning back home.

From Agnantio Hotel – Spa  you can begin your journey around continental Greece and then go for an escape from mass tourism destination at the beautiful island of Symi.