The Agnantio Hotel is a Haven for Travelers

The Agnantio Hotel is a Haven for Travelers

The Agnantio Hotel is a Haven for Travelers

website maker Located close to the Promahonas border, the Agnantio Hotel Spa is the ideal stopover for travelers and also the base for sightseeing in & around Serres.

The Agnantio Hotel is a Haven for Travelers

The location of the Agnantio Hotel Spa is excellent for all those who travel to Greece from Romania and Bulgaria.

With rooms and suites to suit all needs and amenities, ranging from an outdoor pool to a restaurant and private parking, the Agnantio Hotel is not just a stopover but the place travelers can discover the meaning of the Greek hospitality.

The Agnantio Hotel Spa welcomes visitors from all parts

It takes a 15-min drive to get from the Promahonas borders (Kulata) to the Agnantio Hotel. Those who travel from Romania and Bulgaria will cross the borders at Kulata and will only need a few more minutes to arrive at the hotel.

Who wouldn’t need some sleep and relaxation after driving eight straight hours from Bucharest? Who wouldn’t search for a stopover after driving two and a half hours from Sofia?

No wonder the Agnantio Hotel has become a haven for all travelers. It’s close, it’s cozy, and it’s ready to serve.

The Agnantio Hotel is more than just a stopover

  • The Agnantio Hotel Spa is in Sidirokastro – hence, a breath away from the renowned Sidirokastro Thermal Springs.
  • It takes one minute to get to Serres, if you are interested in some sightseeing.
  • It’s very close to the Lake Kerkini, where you can go birdwatching and also admire amazing mammals, amphibians, and other species.
  • It’s also close to the Agkistro Thermal Springs and numerous attractions.

No surprise that the Agnantio Hotel Spa is the ideal destination if you want to rediscover nature and have a great time.

The best part is that it’s found at a very convenient spot and thus the Agnantio Hotel is the best stopover for those who travel towards the mainland of Greece or return home after their holidays.