The 3 Most Visited Greek Islands

The 3 Most Visited Greek Islands

The 3 Most Visited Greek Islands

Planning for a trip to Greece’s top islands for the summer holiday? Are you wondering which islands are the best? Then check out the three most visited Greek islands.

Undoubtedly, the Greek islands are a top destination for most travellers across the world. After all, Greece’s islands are gorgeous with unique landscapes and nature, crystal-clear turquoise waters and sandy beaches, incredible history, delicious food, and a carefree lifestyle.

They are islands where you can have both relaxing holidays but also crazy, fun holidays. They are the definition of freedom. The Greek islands are many but let’s see the three most visited islands.

1. Santorini

Naturally, Santorini is at the top of the list. The beautiful Cycladic island is famous for its whitewashed cubed houses and the caldera view. Even though it is mainly known for its fantastic views and beaches, Santorini is, in fact, a historical island with many highlights.

However, if anyone can pick one, it would be gazing over the beautiful settlement of Oia and at sunset at the Aegean horizon.

2. Mykonos

It is probably the most popular island amongst young travellers because of the famous extravagant nightlife. It’s a tourist destination of never-ending parties, cosy lounges and bars, and fun beach bars.

However, Mykonos also gives travellers fantastic views of the Aegean sea while sipping cocktails in Little Venice and dreamy landscapes while strolling around the beautifully lit windmills.

3. Rhodes

It is the biggest island of the Dodecanese. Thus, it has various hidden gems to discover. Rhodes, much like other Greek islands, has a fantastic nightlife scene. Still, it is famous mainly for its beautiful historical attractions.

Strolling along the cobblestones of Lindos, chilling in one of the many restaurants at Rhodes’ Old Town, or visiting the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Street of the Knights will transport you to medieval times.


The three above islands are the most visited.

Thus if you stay at Agnantio Hotel – Spa, you will find it easy to visit any of these for a short break. All three islands above have an airport. Thus if you choose to take a flight, the closest airport to the hotel is Thessaloniki International Airport.

Furthermore, the connections between all the islands of Greece and continental Greece are fantastic. Therefore, there are many ways to get to Santorini, Mykonos, or Rhodes. However, from Agnantio Hotel – Spa, it would be easier to transport to Thessaloniki and then go to any of the three islands by ferry.

If you are travelling by car and still wish to travel around continental Greece, instead of taking a ferry from Thessaloniki, you could drive to Piraeus, Rafina, or Kavala. Stop Over to Agnantio Hotel – Spa for relax and rest !