St. Prodromos Monastery

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St. Prodromos Monastery

St Prodromos Monastery is built at the foot of the mountain Beles at the north-west part of Akritochori village.

Its architecture is similar to the architecture of Mount Athos as it is a monastery dependency of Ksenofontos Monastery.

The new monastery is dedicated to St Prodromos and it is considered as a benchmark of the ecclesiastical architectural tradition as it was built according to the technique from the Byzantium era without the use of concrete and the use of stones, marble, ceramic bricks etc. instead.

Moreover each side of the building has got different sight.

It is the only contemporary temple of the Orthodox world which comes from the Byzantium.

The celebrations for the monastery is on 29th August.

(Information phone number: 0030 23230 71189)

Distance from Agnantio Hotel – Spa : 22.7 km


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