Sidirokastro Thermal Springs

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Sidirokastro Thermal Springs

website maker The mystic atmosphere at the stone Turkish baths of Sidirokastro remains untouchable through centuries.

The hot water, which comes from the ‘heart ‘ of the earth, pours with high pressure on the body and soothes the senses offering a perfect aqua massage.

The thick steam combined with the low light which comes through the small dormer windows create a dreamy sense of relaxation, comfort and euphoria. Lie down on the marble bench for a sweating and relaxing steam bath.

The healing springs of Sidirokastro are known since the Byzantium years and there are various historical sources from travelers that passed from there during the ages of the Turkish invasion in Greece.

The two stone baths (hamams) are so old that they date back to centuries.

The water of the healing springs is geothermal, its temperature is up to 40 C and appears advisable for various muscular and skin diseases (rheumatological conditions, arthritis, sciatica, lower back pain, disk herniation, spondylitis, myalgia and gynecological diseases)


Distance from Agnantio Hotel – Spa : 6,9 km

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