Serres Racing Circuit

Serres Racing Circuit

Serres Racing Circuit

Planning to visit Serres in North Greece? If you love cars, motorcycles, races and any activity around them, you cannot miss a visit to the Serres Racing Circuit.

Serres Racing Circuit: A Must-Visit Racetrack

Built in 1998 to meet the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) regulations, the Serres Racing Circuit is still the best racetrack in Greece and the Balkans.

Over the years, it has hosted many races but also bike & car related events and thus it has become the focal attraction for visitors interested in such activities.

The Serres Racing Circuit is the best in the region

The Serres Racing Circuit covers a 1,000 acres-area and meets the safety guidelines up to the Formula 3 level. 3,186 km long and over 12 meters wide, the racetrack is the longest not only in Greece but in the Balkans as well. It’s no wonder that people visit the facility to enjoy the countless car and motorcycle races throughout the year.

The SRC is only a breath away from the Agnantio Hotel – Spa in Sidirokastro. With facilities that include restaurants, garages, VIP rooms, and amazing views to the racetrack, the Serres circuit has become a must-visit attraction.

SRC activities

  • National, European, and International Auto & Moto championships and Formula 3 races.
  • Moto-cross races – the track is 8 meters wide and 1,762 meters long.
  • Test drive for both motorcycles and automobiles – held by media, athletes, magazines, and teams.
  • Driving and racing lessons.
  • Open track days whether for pleasure or competition.
  • 1,250 meters track available for go-karting.
  • Bicycle races.
  • Various events.

There are plenty of activities throughout the year and the official site of the SRC provides the annual programme for those interested in the events.

The Serres Racing Circuit is found at the Omonoia’s Athletic Park in Serres and ready to offer unforgettable moments of absolute thrill.

Distance from Agnantio Hotel – Spa : 28 km


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