Road trip from Romania to Greece

Road trip from Romania to Greece

Road trip from Romania to Greece

Are you planning a road trip to Greece? Are maps too hard to choose the best route? Here is a complete guide from Romania to Greece by car just for you!

Europe is like a playground for all travellers. With open borders and countless buses or trains crossing as many as five countries on one trip, Europe is a fantasy come true for all travel lovers.

Greece is at the south-eastern point of continental Europe, yet it is not so difficult to travel from or to the other side of Europe by bus, train, or car.

But travelling by car has a different charm. It gives off vibes of freedom, independence, and carefreeness.

Greece has excellent road connections with its neighbouring countries and similarly brilliant relationships. The Agnantio Hotel Spa is only a few minutes away from Bulgaria, Kulata borders, and has an excellent stop-over location for travellers seeking an adventure by car around eastern Europe.

To arrive in Greece, the journey is absolutely stunning.

How to arrive

From Bucharest, Romania, you will need to cross the beautiful river Danube through Giurgiu, a city approximately 70 km south of Bucharest. As you cross the Danube, you will find yourself at Ruse’s aristocratic and historical city in Bulgaria.

From Ruse, you can drive to Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital which is approximately 300 km away from Ruse. Along the way, you will encounter the rich nature of the Balkan mountains, graphic villages and towns, and cosmopolitan cities to explore shopping malls.

Then from Sofia, you will drive less than 200 km to arrive at Kulata borders. Promachonas is a Greek town bordering Bulgaria country. Few minutes away from Agnantio Hotel Spa.

Once you arrive in Greece, you will have countless options to choose from for your next destination. Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, and Greek islands are perhaps your best options as they are closer and more accessible.

Nevertheless, Greece has amazing destinations. Depending on your schedule, you could drive all over the country and explore its fantastic natural landscapes, historical places, or other tourist attractions.