Rest, Sleep and Go !

Rest, Sleep and Go

Rest, Sleep and Go !

Are you looking for a rest stop while driving from Bulgaria to Greece? Don’t look anymore! Agnantio Hotel – Spa is here to stop your worries!

Road trips are undoubtedly a favourite travelling method. They allow travellers to closely experience and learn about another country’s culture and people.

Furthermore, while on a road trip, travellers can easily choose their desired destination. But they can see more places such as tiny villages, towns or nature reserves and parks. Amongst all the continents, Europe is the easiest and safest for road trips. Greece is the southeasternmost country in continental Europe, making it the last or first destination on a European road trip.

Therefore, as the last or first destination, rest stops are essential for charging your batteries and continuing with an adventurous and perhaps unpredictable trip.

If you are travelling from or to Bulgaria, Agnantio Hotel – Spa is the best hotel for a relaxing rest stop before continuing your trip. The hotel is in Sidirokastro, which is only minutes away from Promahonas, the town bordering Bulgaria.

Thus, before exiting Greece, Agnantio Hotel – Spa offers a fantastic stay in cosy rooms and spa services to relax after long hours of driving and exploring.

Otherwise, if you are coming to Greece, you will arrive at the hotel by exiting Bulgaria from the town of Kulata. Apart from being a good rest stop, the hotel is in a great position.

From here, you can explore incredible nature such as Lake Kerkini or other historical and tourist attractions such as Fort Roupel.