How to reach the Agnantio Hotel, Greece, from neighboring countries?

How to reach the Agnantio Hotel, Greece, from neighboring countries

How to reach the Agnantio Hotel, Greece, from neighboring countries?

Agnantio Hotel Spa is a 3-star property located in the vicinity of Sidirokastro, near Serres, in the Greek region of Macedonia.

The hotel is a short drive from some of the region’s top attractions, including Kerkini Lake and Lailia Forest.

More so, the location of the hotel near major roads and national borders with Bulgaria and the FYROM makes it an ideal stop for an overnight stay. In the following, learn how to find our conveniently-located hotel for taking a break before continuing your journey.

Getting to the Agnantio Hotel from Bulgaria

Take the road A3 from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, to Blagoevgrad, continuing along the road 1 to the national border with Greece. On your way, you will pass Sandanski.

Drive southward along the road 25 once you cross the border and pass the village of Promahonas (Kulata borders).

After Loutra, take the side road 63 (Serres Promahonas) and follow the signposts leading to Sidirokastro. The Agnantio Hotel Spa is just north of the town.

Traveling to the Hotel Agnantio via Serbia and FYROM

From the Serbian capital of Belgrade drive southward along E75, one of the main European roads. The way leads you to the border crossing between Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Continue driving toward the state border between the FYROM and Greece along the road, but take the side road at Smokvitsa leading to Dojran Lake.

The lake itself is part of the national border, with Novi Dojran and Stari Dojran being in the FYROM and Doirani in Greece.

As you cross the state border, follow the road to the Drosato village and then turn left to Eparchiaki Odos Rodopolis-Kastanousas.

From there, you need to drive about an hour to arrive in Sidirokastrou, which is several minutes away from the Agnantio Hotel Spa.

Driving to Agnantio from Turkey

When you cross the Greco-Turkish border, drive along the E90 road to Kavala. From there, take a turn to Serres and drive on the EO12 road until you arrive in the town.

Continue to Lefkonas from there, taking routes 63 and 25 respectively that lead to Sidirokastro. Once you arrive, the hotel is a few minutes away from the town to the north.