Outdoor Activities in Lake Kerkini

Outdoor Activities in Lake Kerkini

Outdoor Activities in Lake Kerkini

One would think that birdwatching is the only outdoor activity in Lake Kerkini, but it’s not. With such a great natural environment, the choices are plenty.

Outdoor Activities in Lake Kerkini

Lake Kerkini is a dreamy destination for bird watching. People arrive from all parts of the world to observe endangered and rare bird species which live, breed, or just pass through this incredible habitat.

But the environment in and around Lake Kerkini is too good to miss even if you are not a fan of birds.

What else can one do? With this great artificial lake lying in front of you and a wild, yet friendly landscape all around, nature lovers will find plenty of outdoor activities in Lake Kerkini.


Canoeing in Lake Kerkini is the easy way to observe the birds and wildlife and enjoy the beautiful nature without making any efforts. There are sit-on-top and sit-inside kayaks available with two or three seats for safe tours, which usually last about three hours.


Biking is the best way to discover the lakeside area and enjoy the natural environment while doing your favorite sport. This can be a wonderful experience and the eco-way to discover the surroundings while you can return to Agnantio Hotel – Spa for some relaxing moments at the wellness spa.


The mountains around Lake Kerkini offer a great opportunity for hiking. Are you in pursuit of bigger challenges? You can go trekking. There are easy and hard routes to follow and they all offer fascinating views of the area and the chance to explore the marvel of the lakeside forest.

Horseback riding

If you like horses or want to try out horseback riding for the first time, this is your chance to do so. There are programs for both experienced riders and newbies and the tour will be something to remember for a long time.