Of History and Magical Views

Of History and Magical Views

Of History and Magical Views

Interested in learning more about Greece’s battle and struggle during World War 2? Then don’t look any further! Here you can discover Greece’s role in the war with a tour of Fort Roupel.

Greece is undoubtedly one of the top country destinations in the world for history lovers.

With such a rich history of great empires, kingdoms, and brave warriors, travellers can have great adventures of explorations and discoveries. Greece might be mostly known thanks to the great ancient civilisations of the Olympian gods, the great Greek philosophers, and Alexander the Great.

However, Greece is still writing history and plays a huge role in modern history. Last century, the world experienced many sorrowful and unforgivable tragedies. Surely, one of the greatest historical events that created a series of unforgettable tragedies is World War 2. Like many other countries, Greece suffered tremendous losses during the war.

They had a huge role in defending humanity and offending the enemy of humanity.

Even if you are not as drawn to war memorials and Second World War history, Fort Roupel will give you goosebumps.

The fort is near the Greek-Bulgarian border, very close to Agnantio Hotel – Spa and originally it was built in 1914 during the Balkan wars. At that time, the Greek forces fought and defended Greece bravely against the Bulgarian forces.

Later, it was used in 1941 to fight against the German troops. For three days, the soldiers heroically halted the Germans’ advances until the Greek army’s surrender in Thessaloniki.

Nowadays, the fort was converted into a memorial and a military museum that hosts weapons, medals, uniforms, and photographs. A section of the fort can also be visited.

You take a tour of the tunnel speakers to recreate the sound of incoming bombardment. Simultaneously, some rooms display exhibitions of Greek soldiers and medics’ life-sized dioramas as they would have been in World War 2.

Additionally, as you enjoy the tour of Fort Roupel, you can not miss the magical scenery of the area. Roupel is a magnificent area of green hills, forests, and the river of Strymonas.

Travellers can enjoy exceptional views from the top of the fort, especially in winter, where everything is covered with snow. It is the perfect location to discover the Greeks’ struggles and great battles during World War 2 and admire the always beautiful landscapes and nature of Greece.