Tsartsidis – Folklore and History Museum

Agnantio Hotel Spa - Tsartsidi Museum

Tsartsidis – Folklore and History Museum

Mihalis Tsartsidis – Folklore and History Museum. The collection is divided into two parts, military and folklore.

The owner of the collection started collecting weapons and military memorabilia in 1941, and it has now grown into a large collection of weapons dating from the Balkan Wars and the First and Second World Wars.

Apart from all kinds of rifles, revolvers, and pistols, visitors can also see German bombs from WWII, cartridge belts, helmets, knapsacks, photographs of the battle along the fortified positions of Rupel, letters stored by Greek fighters in their rifle barrels, the flag of the Headquarters of the Greek Army in the Middle East, German propaganda posters, and a piece of soap made from human fat (a Jewish victim of the Holocaust).

A rare piece, in both conception and execution, is a rifle disguised as a walking stick, which was used for secret executions.

The most recent exhibits are Serbian army helmets with holes in them, proof of the execution in cold blood of Serb soldiers by UCK fighters.

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