Lefkada: A small paradise

Lefkada: A small paradise

Lefkada: A small paradise

A magical island at the Ionian Sea, Lefkada is famous for magical beaches, incredible nature, and excellent hospitality. Check out our travel guide for this natural paradise.

The islands of the Ionian Sea have a charm like no other. There are incredible pine forests at tall hills, charming villages on white cliffs, and majestic white sandy beaches with crystal-clear turquoise waters. They indeed are like small paradises scattered in the ocean. Lefkada is one of the Eptanisa that attracts travellers from all over the world.

The island’s hidden beaches, traditional villages, small islands, unique nature, and historical places are a few things people admire.

Undoubtedly, Lefkada’s beaches are the best attraction. In fact, many of the island’s beaches are described as the best in the Mediterranean Sea by travelers.

Some of these are:


a beach opposite of the port Agia Mavra and at the right of the lighthouse. It is popular because of its location, incredible landscape of the port, and the magnificent blue waters of the Ionian Sea.

Ai Giannis and Myloi,

a beach famous for those into kitesurfing or windsurfing. It is a relatively windy beach thus renowned for water sports. Still, it is a fantastic beach close to Lefkada town, and it stretches over 4 km.


a large sandy beach with terrific turquoise waters and pine trees that reach the sand. As a less crowded beach, it is the perfect spot for endless hours of sunbathing.


Lefkada may be a small island with countless fantastic beaches, but it is also a tiny paradise of nature paths. The island has mountainous terrain. Thus it has several hiking or biking trails for nature lovers. Walking around the island’s mountainous paths while having the gorgeous Ionian Sea as the view is a dream come true.

You might think that since Lefkada is an island, you will need to get there by boat. However, you can easily access the island by car. Suppose you are travelling to Greece from the Balkans and Eastern Europe. In that case, you have to drive to Northern Greece and then take the newly constructed Egnatia Motorway until Ioannina. When you reach Ioannina, you head to Preveza and then through the Aktio-Preveza undersea tunnel.

After 20 km, you will arrive at your destination. After a beautiful vacations at Lefkada, Agnantio Hotel – Spa is at the perfect location to stay over and rest before leaving Greece.

You can have a relaxing end to your vacations before going back home to daily life.


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