Lake Kerkini

Agnantio Hotel Spa - Lake Kerkini

Even though Kerkini Lake is not a natural lake, it has become part of the nature and one of the most important wetlands in Europe.

The diversity of the vegetation, the presence of hundred different species of birds and fish as well as other species of mammals, reptiles and amphibians that there are in the area, are the sequence of life which existed before the formation of the artificial lake, when in 1930’s it managed to subdue the waters of the river Strimonas and gave life to the plain of Serres.

Kerkini is one of the 11 Greek wetlands of national importance (RAMSAR Agreement) and one of the 113 most important areas for bird life in Greece. In 2010, it won the EDEN award as the best European destination which was part of the program called “European Destinations of Excellence”.

Kerkini is the home to a number of birds which are threatened by extinction globally, as their passage of migration is through the area of Kerkini. Until today 300 species of birds have been recorded. The species of Argiropelekanos and Agona, which live there, are unique and endangered species all over the world.

Kerkini is considered the ideal and more easily accessible area for bird watching in Europe all year round.

Distance from Agnantio Hotel – Spa : 25 km



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