Forts of Roupel

Οχυρό Ρούπελ

Forts of Roupel

During the 2nd World War and the German invasion to Greece (6/4/1941) the few defenders of the forts, the so- called ‘Metaxas line’, at the Greek and Bulgarian borders fought bravely against the Nazi forces.

Istibei, the top of mountain Beles, lost the battle only when the enemy dropped poisonous gazes inside the underground pathways. Roupel was surrendered after three day and before the conquest of Thessaloniki.

The German colonel who conquered Roupel congratulated the commander and expressed his admiration and his appreciation for the resistance and the bravery of the Greek soldiers.

At both forts, which can be visited by tourists, you can walk through the huge underground pathways where you can see the fire gun spots and the observation decks, you can also visit the small museums with the various displays (Armour, uniforms, flags, photographs etc.).

On hero’s tombs are written the names of the dead who died fighting heroically.

Every year the first Sunday after the 6th April anniversary events took place on both forts.

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