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Relaxation Package

Relaxation Package

For relaxing moments, the discreet environment of hotel’s Wellness Center is the ideal place.

The jacuzzi and sauna offer moments of rejuvenation, stimulation and wellness in a private area.

Book your appointment with the reception department.

Price : 12,00 € / person

Duration of use : 50 λεπτά

Minimum reservation 2 people

Welcome Package

Enjoy a bottle of cool wine combined with a fruit salad in the comfort of your room.

Price :  20,00 €

Welcome Package
Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Celebrate  your birthday or offer a birthday surprise to your loved ones with a delicious cake.

Price : 20,00 €

Romantic Decoration

Offer a romantic surprise to your partner.

The packet includes outdoor & indoor decoration, rose petals, and chocolate candies

Price :  15,00 €

Flowers : 25,00 €

Romantic Decoration
Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly

For our little “friends” is offered a bed and utensils  for food (gift food) & water to enjoy a comfortable vacation with you.

Price : 15,00 €

Small and Medium dogs are acceptable < 10kg

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