Enjoy the Winter Colors in Lake Kerkini

Enjoy the Winter Colors in Lake Kerkini

Enjoy the Winter Colors in Lake Kerkini

Are you looking for a place in Greece to admire the country’s beauty during winter? Explore and discover beautiful winter colors in Lake Kerkini!

Usually, people associate Greece with the sea and sun, but Greece’s mainland is where you fall in love with the country’s beauty. For instance, Lake Kerkini is a dream destination for birdwatching enthusiasts. The combination of water, nature, and wildlife is fascinating.

Instead of seeing flocks of tourists, you can take a boat ride and admire more than 300 species of birds and buffalo herds grazing the fields. Or you can take walks or horseback rides around the lake and then savor some delicious local recipes.

Furthermore, you can enjoy other activities around the lake such as canoeing, hiking, cycling and more.

Lake Kerkini is a fantastic destination

If you plan to visit Greece in the wintertime, Lake Kerkini is a fantastic destination. Many fear the cold of winter, but Kerkini seems lifted from a nature channel documentary during winter. When visiting this beautiful landscape, you become part of the interaction between people and animals, birds and trees, fields and reed beds, water and fish.

Everything coexists in this peaceful kingdom in a delicate yet dynamic balance in this unique atmosphere. Indeed, cold temperatures often reduce the number of wildfowl and attentive raptors during winter. And sometimes, you might find the lake half frozen. But still, that’s what makes Lake Kerkini such a beautiful destination.

The earthy natural colors are perfect for getting immersed in Greece’s winter. Furthermore, you can still admire the unique flora and fauna of the lake.

Additionally, the land around the lake is flat. Thus, you can easily go for a bike ride or gentle walk to get to know the district’s quiet villages. First, discover Kerkini, with its pleasant low buildings and broad streets.

Next, Lithotopos, where you can see how the lake was created. A paved road will take you to a spot just above the dam. When you get to Lithotopos’ little port, explore the woods, and they are ideal for a romantic walk.