Best Weekend Getaway for Couples

Best Weekend Getaway for Couples

Best Weekend Getaway for Couples

Are you looking for a romantic weekend getaway with your partner in Greece? Look no further! Here you can find out the best getaways for couples!

Greece is one of the top destinations in the world for couples. In fact, thousands of newlyweds choose Greece as their honeymoon destination. After all, anyone would want to spend this cherished holiday with their significant other at stunning beaches with astonishing views of the sunrise or the sunset. Or, explore incredible mountains, lush green forests, and remarkable ancient cities and traditional towns with their partner.

Agnantio Hotel Spa is undoubtedly one of the best weekend getaways for couples in the north of Greece. The hotel is located in Sidirokastro, Serres, and is only 15 kilometers away from Bulgaria.

It has fantastic amenities such as a wellness spa to relax and unwind, stunning rooms with beautiful views, great bars, cafes with delicious food and drinks.

Furthermore, the hotel is the perfect location to get immersed in beautiful landscapes with unlimited views of nature, giving you moments of relaxation. Lake Kerkini, one of the most popular lakes in Greece, is less than an half an hour away from the hotel.

At Lake Kerkini, you can quickly go hiking, cycling, kayaking, birdwatching, or simply for a walk to enjoy the scenery. Nearby, you can also find traditional taverns serving delicious authentic Greek food.

So, if you are looking for a place to relax, enjoy your partner’s company, and explore Greece’s wild, untamed and beautiful nature, this is the best spot. Book your room today.

Here is a list of other romantic destinations in Greece:

Elati – Pertouli: You’ll quickly arrive to the lovely village of Elati if you head up the west side of the mountain, through a rich environment of planes and firs, with a view of the river and the tiny settlements across the way. At 950 meters above sea level, it is the largest of the region’s alpine towns and one of the few locations in Greece with a year-round tourism infrastructure.

Pertouli is a tiny town surrounded by the heavenly beauty of the Pindus mountain range’s southern slopes. Thousands of square meters of lush greenery, natural springs, flowing rivers, and seasonal lakes combine to create an amazing picture.

Meteora: Meteora is a Greek word that meaning “suspended in space.” You’ll gasp in astonishment the first, second, and third times you see these incredibly towering, vertical rocks. The amazing geology isn’t the only thing that strains your imagination. It’s the monasteries perched atop these peaks..

Kastoria: It appears to be an Impressionist painting from afar, with buildings, churches, and trees visible through a haze, their reflections shimmering in the lake. Macedonia’s scenery is breathtaking. Closer inspection reveals imposing aristocratic lakeside homes flanked by towering tree groupings and interspersed by Byzantine churches..

Thessaloniki:  Thessaloniki is known as the most romantic city break destination in Greece. It’s a city that offers memorable experiences. Then you have Halkidiki on the doorstep, offering an extension to romantic holidays in the summer months.

Thessaloniki’s White Tower at the waterfront is a highly recommended place for a romantic stroll. Furthermore, the city center is like an open-air museum. Venturing up to the Venetian castles of the Upper Town will give you stunning views of the Thermaic Gulf and Mt Olympus.