The Best Products in Serres

From akanes to bougatsa, there is a large number of unique products in Serres which make your vacation a great experience, especially if you are a food lover.

The Best Products in Serres

When you visit Serres, get ready for the best food experience. After all, agriculture is a dominant sector in the region of Serres and the main products range from cotton and rice to sugar and tomatoes.

With top quality first ingredients at hand, the locals mix & match their imagination and family recipes to create delightful tastes all foodies would love. Here’s a list of some special products in Serres.

4 main products in Serres

  • Akanes is the traditional dessert in Serres. Made of sugar, butter, starch, maize starch, and almonds, their history goes back to the days of the Turkish rule. They resemble the Greek loukoumi, but have a distinct aroma and taste, mainly due to the region’s water.
  • Buffalo meat, milk, and other dairy products are found in abundance in Serres. The water buffalos which flourish in Lake Kerkini are not just a sight for sore eyes but also the main source for many regional products, ranging from yogurt to kazan dipi.
  • Serres is also known for the Greek pastry called bougatsa. Whether you like it filled with cream or cheese, it’s one of the products all visitors should try. If you prefer salty tastes, you can also get bougatsa filled with spinach or minced meat. And if you have a sweet tooth, you won’t only love the cream version of bougatsa sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon, but also the latest bougatsa with chocolate.
  • If you like sausages, you need to try out soutzouki. It’s one of the main local products which is distinctive for its excellent taste.

From buffalo milk to akanes, the food choices in Serres are endless and totally unique.

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