Some of the Best Ostrich Farms are Found in Greece

Best Ostrich Farms are Found in Greece

Some of the Best Ostrich Farms are Found in Greece

There’s an ostrich farm close to the city of Serres where these giant flightless birds are raised to provide meat, eggs, and several more products.

Some of the Best Ostrich Farms are Found in Greece

Distinguished for their long neck and legs, their cute face, and their special feathered bodies, ostriches are not just the biggest birds but raised in various farms for their meat and eggs. Not far from the Agnatio Hotel – Spa, there’s an ostrich farm you can visit if you love these cute giant birds.

Their main characteristic is that they cannot fly, but they are farmed to offer products, ranging from their flesh to their meat.

The purpose of the ostrich farms

There are nearly 70 ostriches on the farm which give birth to more than 100 birds each year. Some of them are raised on the farm and some are turned into meat. What’s interesting is that ostriches are not popular just for their healthy meat, but for their fine feathers, eggs, and skin.

Due to their size, ostrich eggs are as big as 15-20 chicken eggs put together. Their flesh is used for the construction of leather products, like shoes, while their grease is lately used for the production of soaps and cosmetics.

The benefits of ostrich meat

The ostrich meat is considered the healthiest red meat in the world since it’s free of cholesterol and fat and full of iron and protein. It is the ideal meat for the health- & weight-conscious, but also expensive.

As it’s expected in difficult economic times, the demand for ostrich meat dropped during the last years and so the reduction of supply followed.

The future of ostrich farms seems optimistic

Does this mean the end of ostrich farms? Certainly not. The range of by-products and the delicacy of the meat are both in demand, just not in the same numbers as before. It’s undoubtedly expensive and challenging to maintain an ostrich farm.

But the ideal climate in Greece and the healthy meat of these long neck birds point the future of the ostrich farms.


Photo Credit : Macedonian Ostrich Farm Serres