The Best Birdwatching Places in Greece

Best Birdwatching Places in Greece

The Best Birdwatching Places in Greece

website maker With nearly 200 birdwatching locations, Greece is heaven on earth to those who love to observe rare birds. And there are nearly 500 bird species in Greece.

The Best Birdwatching Places in Greece

There are 196 important bird areas in Greece, according to the Hellenic Ornithological Society. These locations are not chosen at random, but due to their conditions which allow unique, endemic, and endangered bird species to breed, stop-over, and survive.

These locations are characterized as wetlands, lagoons, or lakes and thus provide shelter to approximately 449 bird species.

Naturally, bird lovers often visit these areas to watch some of the most bizarre, beautiful, and threatened birds in the world. And although the list of the birdwatching locations in Greece is long, these are the most popular places people visit mostly during the autumn and spring.

Kerkini Lake

If you are staying at Agnantio Hotel – Spa, you can visit Kerkini Lake even if you are not obsessed with birdwatching. Less than a half-hour drive away, Kerkini Lake is one of the best destinations for birdwatching, with over 300 species.

Evros Delta

The untamed wilderness of the Evros Delta in Thrace offers the perfect shelter for over 320 bird species. It is one of the most popular birdwatching locations to visit since it’s a crossroad among Europe, Asia, and Africa and thus the stop-over for a large number of migrating birds from all 3 continents.

Prespa Lakes

Located in the north part of Greece, the two Prespa Lakes are distinguished for their biodiversity. While there are recorded over 250 birds in the area, this is the habitat of two very rare pelican species.

There are birdwatching locations all over Greece – from the White Mountains in Crete to the Nestos Rivers in Thrace and Aegean Islands, such as Lesvos and Rhodes in between.

Wherever you travel in Greece, there are shelters for migratory and endangered bird species and thus earth paradises for birdwatching lovers.