7 Places to Visit in The Macedonian Region

7 Places to Visit in The Macedonian Region

7 Places to Visit in The Macedonian Region

Macedonia region covers most parts of northern Greece and offers plenty of tourist destinations ideal for summer holidays, winter trips, and city breaks. Check out these 7 places everyone should visit.

Macedonia is a large region covering most of northern Greece. However, despite its large size, only a few places have been developed as tourist destinations. Still, it is an area with rich history, culture, and nature.

Check out below the five top places to visit in the Macedonian region.


Thе sесоnd lаrgеst сity οf Grеесе аttrасts many tourists with its lively аnd yоuthful spirit. It hаs а lаrgе prоmеnаdе fοr long walks while its histοriсаl sights аnd lеgасy аrе nоt bе skipped. It is interesting to do a Thessaloniki sailing boat tour and admire Thessaloniki from the sea.


Halkidiki is a region with incredible pristine nature, historical sites, traditional villages, and beautiful beaches. It is the ideal destination for hiking, biking, road tripping, and swimming in warm, pristine shallow waters.


In the prefecture of Serres, you will find Kerkini Lake, a great spot for birdwatching and horse riding. Furthermore, there is the fantastic cave of Alistrati with millions of stalactites and stalagmites to marvel at nature’s incredible architecture.


Kastoria is a beautiful lakeside city in northwestern Greece famous for its fur and leather trade, as well as its rich history. Today, the historic Byzantine monuments make Kastoria look like an open-air Byzantine museum.


Edessa is a city referred to as the “City of Water and of the Five Senses.” It is home to thermal springs and the famed Edessa Waterfalls, which are undoubtedly Greece’s most majestic water sources.


Kavala is built on a hillside along the coast of the Aegean sea and is a cultural crossroad between the East and West. This is a place you can explore mountains, beaches, picturesque cityscapes, significant monuments and sites, and delicious local cuisine.


Boasting a spectacular natural setting, Thassos is the northernmost island of the Aegean Sea and lies close to the Greek mainland. It is ideal for relaxing family holidays and for those who enjoy visiting historical places.