5 top places to visit near Promachonas (Kulata) borders

5 top places to visit near Promachonas (Kulata) borders

5 top places to visit near Promachonas (Kulata) borders

Sometimes driving to another destination is one of the best adventures you could have. To arrive in Greece from Bulgaria, you go from Kulata to Promachonas. A tiny village in the north of Greece.

Surprisingly, it may be a small village, but there are plenty of places to visit and explore.

Here are the top 5 places near Promachonas.

Lake Kerkini

One of the most beautiful natural reserves in Greece is just a few kilometers away from Promachonas. Lake Kerkini is one of the best destinations in Europe for bird watching.

Also, visitors can trace a significant number of buffalos. To experience the lake to the fullest, don’t miss your chance to go boating, canoeing, horse riding, hiking, or biking.

Monastery of St Prodromos

It is an essential part of Greece’s and Orthodox Christian history and one of the top destinations for pilgrimages. St Prodoromos Monastery it’s located in Acritochori and specifically at a gorge on the mountain of Menikio.

It was founded by Saint Ioannikios, a monk from Mount Athos, in 1200. At the monastery, visitors can enjoy spectacular Byzantine architecture and hagiography.

Agkistro Hammam

For centuries Agkistro Hammam has been providing the best services of relaxation and healing to its guests. The Hammam has spacious baths with healing thermal water as well as private baths.

The Hammam dates back to the Byzantium era. Thus visitors can also discover more about medieval times in Greece.

Fort Roupel

To learn and experience Greece and the world’s more recent history, don’t miss the chance to visit Fort Roupel. It was an essential part of Greece’s defense against Nazi Germany.

At Fort Roupel people can walk through the fortification of Roupel, visit the museum dedicated to heroes of the war, and the bunker.

Lailias Ski Centre

For those who just love winter, then Lailias Ski Center is a must-visit. The centre is at an elevation of approximately 1700m, and there is 1,5 km of slopes available.

It is best suited for skiing and snowboarding.