5 Best Places in Europe for Birdwatching

5 Best Places in Europe for Birdwatching

5 Best Places in Europe for Birdwatching


Are you a bird lover? Do you ever feel like visiting some of the most beautiful natural reserves only for birdwatching? If, so here are the best places for birdwatching in Europe just for you!

Birds often have such an ordinary yet so unique beauty that leaves many people compelled. Thousands of people yearly embark on adventurous trips only for birdwatching. We have to admit, exploring beautiful landscapes and patiently immersing yourself in nature to capture some of the best moments of a bird’s life is indeed incredible and worthwhile.

Here, you can read up on the five best places in Europe for birdwatching.

Lake Kerkini, Greece 

Photo Credits: https://agnantiohotel.gr

1. Lake Kerkini, Greece

Greece overall is a famous destination for travelers thanks to the country’s wealthy history and great climate. However, in northern Greece, Lake Kerkini is heaven for bird lovers.

The lake is near the Kerkini and Mavrovouni Mountains and offers wonderful natural views. Additionally, it has over 300 bird species, with Dalmatian Pelican and Pygmy Cormorant as the most essential species of the area as they are protected.

The best time to visit Lake Kerkini is springtime when it is still not peak season and is relatively quieter. To enjoy birdwatching, you can rent a canoe, go boating or even walk along the lake to fully enjoy nature.



Akrotiri Marsh and Peninsula, Cyprus

Photo Credits: https://www.nature-of-cyprus-photography.com

2. Akrotiri Marsh and Peninsula, Cyprus

Akrotiri Marsh and Peninsula is a major migration route for hundreds of bird species that cross both spring and fall. So, it is a great spot for birdwatching for all bird lovers.

Close to the Akrotiri, the Limassol Salt lake attracts shorebirds, wading birds, and seabirds alike of all varieties. Furthermore, Cyprus has several epidemic species that do not exist anywhere else in the world.

Two of them are Cyprus Wheatear and Cyprus Warbler, and you can find them here at Akrotiri.


Skomer Island, Wales, UK

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3. Skomer Island, Wales, UK

The Skomer island is truly magical, and it is an oasis for all bird lovers. Thousands of birds nest yearly on the island, and many unique species call it their home. As you approach the island from the Lockley Lodge Visitor Centre, you see more and more birds soaring above you or diving into the water to fish.

On the island, you will find Manx Shearwaters, Guillemots, and Kittiwakes nesting. Furthermore, there are the ever-cute yet fierce Atlantic Puffins who love to take whatever they see on their way.

Thus, always take care of your belongings.



Ornithological Park Pont de Gau

Photo Credits: https://www.viator.com

4. Ornithological Park Pont de Gau, Camargue, France

The Ornithological Park Pont de Gaud has an enormous amount of wading bird species. However, the most magical and favourite is none other than the beautiful pink birds, flamingos.

The region has beautiful landscapes of agricultural fields and marshy waterways, so it is ideal for wading birds to thrive.

Overall, the park Pont de Gau is perfect for birdwatching. The park’s designated pathways guarantee a peaceful and fulfilling trip. To enjoy the beautiful flamingos, the best time to visit is springtime.



Donana National Park, Spain

Photo Credits: https://worldheritageoutlook.iucn.org

5. Donana National Park, Spain

The Donana National Park is home to the largest heron rookeries in the Mediterranean countries. It hosts hundreds of thousands of waterfowl every year.

Therefore, the park is a UNESCO Heritage Site, so it is accessible only with approved tours. The visitor’s centre has trails looping through the forest, leading out to blinds to watch the birds that roost and fly in throughout the day.