5 Best Lakes around Greece

5 Best Lakes around Greece

5 Best Lakes around Greece

Greece may be known mostly for its gorgeous beaches but it is also a country with many beautiful lakes and other natural resorts. Check out here the most beautiful lakes you should visit in Greece.

Undoubtedly, most travelers visit Greece for a summer holiday to swim, sunbathe and explore gorgeous beaches and picturesque islands. However, Greece is also home to breathtaking natural spots such as lush forests, stunning tall mountains, and beautiful lakes.

So, if you prefer lakes to beaches, be assured that Greece has many stunning lake resorts to enjoy activities like birdwatching, canoeing, and kayaking. Most of Greece’s lakes are located in fertile valleys or high inside mountain ranges, thus, few travelers dare to explore them.

Below you will find the 5 best lakes you should visit in Greece.

Prespa Lakes

Prespa lakes consist of the Big Prespa and Small Prespa. They are in the Florina region and are undoubtedly some of the most magical places in Greece. They are near the Albanian border and are surrounded by mighty mountains giving stunning views to visitors. They are a great destination for those wishing to hike on easy mountain trails, visit tiny folk villages, and even try local cuisine in traditional taverns.

Lake Volvi

Located at the entrance to the Halkidiki from Thessaloniki, Lake Volvi is the second largest lake in the country, along with Lake Koronia. It is an important wetland and home to more than 200 species of birds, such as flamingos, herons, storks, and egrets, as well as many species of fish, amphibians, and mammals.

Lake Plastira

Lake Plastira is an artificial lake in the heart of mainland Greece, near the city of Karditsa in Thessaly. This year-round destination is arguably a favorite among Greeks and deserves to be known to foreigners. There are plenty of opportunities to stroll through the lush forests and enjoy kayaking, canoeing, and cycling.

Lake Pamvotida

Lake Pamvotida, also known as the jewel of Ioannina, is located in Epirus at the foot of Mitsikeli. It is an important ecosystem and home to many rare species. Furthermore, the lake offers many water activities, such as boating, canoe kayaking, and water skiing. The lake also has a small island with a museum, seven monasteries, a souvenir shop, and a tavern serving unusual dishes. In other words, this is an ideal spot to explore different aspects of Greece.

Lake Kerkini

Lake Kerkini is an artificial lake near the border between Bulgaria and Greece and a short trip from the town of Serres. Protected by the Ramsar Convention, the lake is a national park with impressive landscapes and vibrant flora and fauna, such as deer, wolves, birds, and buffalos.

This makes Lake Kerkini a great spot to find and photograph species such as pelicans, eagles, and cormorants if you like bird watching. In addition to photography and bird-watching tours, you can go for other outdoor activities such as trekking, biking, and boat tours.