4×4 TOUR

4x4 TOUR

4×4 TOUR

Our partner provide 4 Land Rover Defender 110, with 7 seats.

They are possibly the only vehicles appropriate for the challenges of the area. In winter they can get you through rutty trails in order for you to discover the secrets of the woods.

Our entry is always discrete and quiet to avoid breaking the stillness of the landscape.

The drives vary depending on the season, and take place off-road, in tracks where other vehicles do not have access.

Autumn-Winter: Riparian forest and tour of the lake.

Spring-Summer: Foothills and the top of mountain Belles. The tours are informative. We make regular stops, set up the telescopes, use the binoculars, and get informed by the drivers.

Our partner also perform adventure tours, always in a fully safe environment.

Learn how to handle hooks and set mudguards, forgetting  our normal everyday lives for a while.