15 Best Stops Between Athens and Sofia

15 Best Stops Between Athens and Sofia

15 Best Stops Between Athens and Sofia

Are you road tripping around Europe this summer? Are you planning to travel between Athens and Sofia by car?

Check out the 15 best stops between Athens and Sofia for the best experience!

The direct drive from Athens to Sofia is 792 km and should have a drive time of 7 hrs 35 mins in normal traffic. If you’re going on a road trip from Athens to Sofia, there are some great stops along the way with cities, such as Thessaloniki and Bansko, as the top destinations.

Other top places for visiting are the Archaeological Museum of Eleusis, Chalkida’s Old Bridge, and the ever-popular Club Hotel Casino Loutraki.

Club Hotel Casino Loutraki

An upscale beachfront hotel with warmly decorated rooms and suites with a spa, two restaurants, and a casino.

Archaeological Museum of Eleusis

A fantastic museum with a courtyard exhibiting ancient sculptures, pottery, and other excavated objects to explore ancient Greek history.

Chalkida’s Old Bridge

Visit the Chalkida’s arched traffic and pedestrian bridge built in 1962 to connect Evia island to mainland Greece. Chalkida is an interesting city due to being half on the mainland and half on the island.


Ancient Greek archaeological site with a stadium, votive sites, and temples, including one to Apollo. This was once the home of the Oracle.

Thermae Sylla Spa and Wellness Hotel

Seaside spa resort with luxurious rooms, physiotherapy, thermal pools, and refined dining options.

Platamon Castle

Picturesque, stone remnants of a 13th-century fortification overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Petralona Cave

A prehistoric cave with stalactites and stalagmites, tours, and an adjacent anthropological museum.

Museum of the Royal Tombs at Aegae

Reconstructed tomb of a 3rd-century B.C. Greek ruler and treasures, including a delicate gold crown.

White Tower of Thessaloniki

Landmark Ottoman fortress and former prison housing an interactive exhibition of the city’s history.

Church of St. Demetrios

This church is built upon an ancient Roman bath house and contains Saint Demetrius’ body.

Lake Kerkini

A reservoir with scenic views, fishing areas, boat rides and an abundance of birdlife. Perfect for birdwatching lovers.

Fort Rupel

A series of bunkers and tunnels with a museum and guided tours remembering a key WWII battle.

Rozhen Monastery

A tranquil, medieval-era monastery with gorgeous frescoes and ancient architecture.

Rila Monastery

A beautiful ornate monastery and one of the country’s most-visited cultural sites, with a museum and frescoes.


Borovets is a town on the northern slopes of Bulgaria’s Rila Mountains. It’s the gateway to numerous ski and snowboard runs on Rila National Park’s craggy Musala Ridge. Cycle routes crisscross the alpine landscape. Footpaths lead through rocky outcrops and valleys to the 7 high-altitude Musala Lakes, including Icy Lake. Just north, kayaks and other leisure boats ply the Iskar Reservoir’s calm waters.