10 things to not forget for your holidays in Greece

10 things to not forget for your holidays in Greece

10 things to not forget for your holidays in Greece

Holidays are a joyous event, yet they can be quite stressful too. When getting ready to travel, it is common to forget or not be sure what to bring with you.

Therefore, if you ever wish to travel to Greece, here are 10 things you should not forget.

1. Legal documents

When traveling, because of worrying too much about our flights, toothbrush or jacket we forget the most essential thing for travelling. And that is none other than our passport, ID, or any other legal document we might need. So, first and foremost, don’t forget your passport. Also see more about Protocol for Arrivals in and Departures from Greece

2. Swimwear

Undoubtedly, everyone loves and wishes to travel to Greece for the extraordinary and picturesque beaches. Greece has some of the best and cleanest beaches in the world. Thus if you want to experience the greatness of Greece’s sea don’t forget your swimwear.

3. Sunglasses

Summer and all year round in Greece, the sun is always there watching over the land. It is no wonder people love visiting the country and immerse in its beautiful climate. However, it is certainly necessary for everyone to have their sunglasses to protect their eyes from the burning sun. So, if you are in Greece for a holiday, you will definitely need your sunglasses.

4. Sunscreen

Only the brave people can go to Greece without sunscreen. The bright sun in Greece may be one of the biggest desires for tourists, but it is no secret that it can burn you to a crisp. If you don’t want to have a very painful holiday, then don’t forget your sunscreen.

5. Water Bottle

The temperatures in Greece can be very hot and alarming. Thus, if you are to explore Greece’s beautiful destinations, you should not forget a water bottle to carry with you at all times. It is the best way to cool yourself down when taking a break from touring around the beautiful and graphic streets or the many spectacular beaches around the country.

6. Camera

Greece is unquestionably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The glorious ancient history, colourful culture, and fantastic nature are all part of the country’s magnificence. Therefore, you should definitely not forget your camera or other gadgets to capture the beauty of Greece.

7. Scarf

Greece is famous for the burning sun that many guests love and can’t wait for. But at night time the weather can turn a bit chilly. So, in case of a light breeze don’t forget to bring a scarf or a thin blouse.

8. Mosquito repellent

Unfortunately, due to weather Greece is also known for having notorious mosquitos. Thus, you should forget to bring with you a good mosquito repellent for protection. There are different types, but the best would be bringing with you a mosquito repellent bracelet so you will always have it on you.

9. Backpack

Always when people go for a holiday, there is a lot of exploring for hours. Thus it is always a good idea to have a backpack with you with all the essentials. It would be advised to have a good and big enough backpack to fit all the above things mentioned and a secure backpack that won’t be opened or stolen easily.

10. Proper Footwear

Greece has diverse types of landscapes. So, even though most people know and go to Greece for the beach, you might end up going hiking in vast valleys, exploring rocky landscapes, or climbing tall mountains. Furthermore, usually when on holidays, people tend to walk endlessly. Thus, don’t forget to bring proper walking shoes.

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